Dental Technology


For more than 15 years the classic contouring resin.

DeltaForm is a universal light-curing composite for contouring milled and attachment units and connecting cast units. DeltaForm can be cured with a high-output or low-output UVA light-curing unit. This ensures that the metal framework is not subjected to thermal stress.


In addition to the successful contouring gel, DeltaForm paste is now available for works requiring larger amounts of material. Deltaform paste can be formed by hand easily and can be cured in standard light curing devices (320 – 500 nm). The combination with Deltaform Gel and standard waxes is also possible.

Available Packing Units:

DeltaForm Set

  • 3 x 3 g slide syringes
  • 9 Tips

DeltaForm paste

  • 30 g in light protected container


The fast light-curing denture resin out of the syringe.

AcriFix is a light-curing denture resin gel for use in dental offices and dental laboratories. It enables to work quick without using kneading silicon and long curing times. AcriFix is fluid when applied, but is immediately positionally stable, i.e. It can be applied quickly, sparingly and accurately. AcriFix is free of MMA and therefore highly compatible. It can be cured in all standard dental curing units without vacuum.

Available Packing Units:

AcriFix Set

  • 3 x 3 g AcriFix pink
  • 5 ml AcriFix Bonder
  • 12 canulas

Single components

  • AcriFix A3 3 g
  • AcriFix Bonder 5ml
  • AcriFix Seperator 50 ml