Customer projects dentistry

Dental filling resins

The development and manufacture of dental filling composites and their accessories has been one of our core competencies since the company was first founded. In collaboration with COSMEDENT, Inc. (Chicago), we have already brought a diverse range of products to market maturity. These include esthetic composites for anterior and posterior tooth fillings, core build-up composites and luting composites.

First market launch: 1996

Dental bleaching

Teeth whitening with peroxide-based materials is an integral part of esthetic dentistry. We have implemented numerous development projects: dual-chamber gel systems in various concentrations and powder-liquid systems for use in the dental practice, extending to gels for use in individually fabricated thermoformed dental splints.

First market launch: 2001

gingival protection

Protection of gums during bleaching treatment with highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide has to be ensured in the practice by means of reliable and simple-to-use products.
We have carried out the development of such products in different projects. Light-curing allows materials to be used quickly and easily, and their flexibility is particularly pleasant for the patient.

First market launch: 2001