Customer projects 3D printing

Resins for additive manufacturing
of earmolds

The fabrication of earmolds, especially for hearing aids, was one of the first applications of additive manufacturing procedures for industrial use. For many years we have been involved at DeltaMed with the development of printable materials for use in hearing aids. Under the customer brand e-shell we supply the hearing aid industry with a broad product portfolio for diverse applications in audiology.

First market launch: 2004

Composites for additive manufacturing of long-term temporary restorations

We have combined our longstanding experience in developing esthetic composites with our extensive knowledge of additive manufacturing processes in the development of e-dent 100. The result is the world's first medical product for additive fabrication of long-term temporary restorations.

First market launch: 2009

Residue-free combustible resins for the casting technique

Additive manufacturing of lost models has for many years played an essential role in the jewelry industry and in the dental lab. Customized for specific applications, we have developed several residue-free combustible resins that can be processed with 3D printers from a wide range of different manufacturers.

First market launch: 2010

Resins for additive manufacturing of dental models

In several development projects, we have brought numerous products to market maturity. The materials are used both for orthodontic models (in aligner technology, for example), as well as in prosthetics.

First market launch: 2014